Website Copywriting Pricing and Packages

Check out my website copywriting pricing and packages below

Whether you need copywriting for a complete website or a single web page, there are options here to suit most needs and budgets.

Pro Site Copy


  • For the small business seeking a confident, professional voice and a clear, effective message.
  • 5 Pages
  • Site Planning
  • Additional Pages @ AUD 220 Each
  • Std. Turnaround Time: 10 Days
  • 1-2 Phone Briefings of 30-90 Mins.

Power Site Copy


  • For businesses with SEO, conversion or positioning goals.

  • 5 Pages
  • Site Planning
  • Additional Pages @ AUD 320 Each
  • Std. Turnaround Time: 10 Days
  • 1-2 Phone Briefings of 30-90 Mins.

Lean Start Plus


  • For Lean Startup websites: comprehensive web copywriting and ad management.
  • Up to 12 Pages
  • Copy for A/B Split Testing
  • Web and Ad Copy
  • Site Planning

Pro Page


  • Professional Web Copy Without The Extras

Power Page




  • 3 Day Turnaround + AUD 650

Flesch Reading Ease Score

Readability plays a critical role in getting through to your audience with written material. So much so, it affects rankings in Google and other search engines.

The Flesch Reading Ease score is a widely recognised measure of how easily your audience can understand your material. A higher score is a mark of quality.

It ranks texts on a scale of 0-100, as follows:

  • 90-100: Very easy to read. Can be understood by 11 year olds.
  • 80-90: Easy to read. Conversational English for consumers.
  • 70-80: Fairly easy to read. Can be understood by 12-13 year olds.
  • 60-70: Plain English. Can be understood by 13-15 year olds.
  • Below 60: Hard to read.

Unless I tell you otherwise in advance, I guarantee a score of 60 or above for all my writing. The main exception to this is text that has to include long technical words.

I strive to make everything I produce as readable as possible.

But sometimes raising a score from 60 to 65, or 65 to 70 demands hours of extra work. This is especially true for legal, financial, technical and insurance related material.

That’s why I offer separate options to guarantee scores of 65+ and 70+.

Competitor Research

A key difference between entry level copywriting and better funded projects is the level of research involved.

Competitor research is one of the more affordable types of research you can do. It’s very useful too.

The Competitor Research pack allows up to one hour’s research for each page I create.

In that time I review competing websites for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Armed with that knowledge, it’s much easier to position yourself and make your offers more compelling.

Unlimited Revisions

Most copywriters place a limit on the number of revisions they’ll make before asking for more money.

I don’t.

Jobs that go past one revision are rare for me. And when they do, I'm delighted to shoulder the extra cost of 100% client satisfaction.

There’s another reason too…

Sometimes clients forget certain details during the briefing process. Sometimes circumstances change.

I want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can always come back to me for a few changes after everything is supposed to be finished.

Where Do I Draw The Line?

A new headline, the odd paragraph, a few vital details need changing? No problem! That’s free.

There’s no time limit on this guarantee either. Even after the page has gone up.

I’ll even update your website with the changes myself, if you like.

I’ll do it more than once too, with no extra charge.

Just so we’re clear though - this policy doesn’t allow for total rewrites.

If I’ve written a page on financial planning for you, creating a page on life insurance is a different project.

Money Back Guarantee

When you’ve never worked with a contractor before it’s hard to know what to expect.

How do you know if the work will be up to scratch? Of course you can't be sure until you see at least some of it.

To help with any uncertainty you may have towards me, I offer a money back guarantee to first time clients on any copywriting job of three pages, or more .

Here’s how it works.

After doing all the preliminary work such as briefing and research, I produce one page for you to start.

From that first page, you’ll get a very good sense of whether my writing meets your expectations.

If it’s totally not what you want, you have the opportunity to tell me there and then.

All I ask is that you then give me detailed feedback as to why you’re unhappy and the chance to put it right with one revision.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with my revision, I will refund your deposit in full.


Please note, due to the extra resources involved, this guarantee is not available for urgent jobs.

The unlimited revision policy does still apply to urgent jobs however.

SEO Foundations

SEO Foundations are the essential technical page features needed to rank in major search engines for your chosen keywords.

  • Optimised Title Tag
  • Optimised Meta Description
  • Appropriate use of keywords in Header Tags
  • Keyword density in main copy between 0.5% and 2.5%

I can optimise each page for one main focus keyword and one secondary keyword. If you need more secondary keywords we can discuss this.

Note, these don’t guarantee you a position in search results pages. But without them it’s highly unlikely you will rank well.