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Which Retargeting Provider is Best for Local Lead Generation With Flyers?

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This page gives an overview of three major Retargeting service providers: Google, AdRoll and Facebook. The focus here is on their use with the Letterbox Retargeting system for local lead generation.

If you’re not familiar with Letterbox Retargeting, you can learn more about it here.

These three are not the only retargeting providers by any means. But for businesses trying retargeting for the first time, who aren’t yet ready for a major financial commitment, they’re the best choices.

Together they offer offer a comprehensive range of options for advertising budgets of any size.

Comparison Table

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  • Great for brand awareness campaigns and a cost effective option for new businesses or new product / service launches.
  • Can be ridiculously cheap. Google offers Pay Per Click which often means many free ad impressions in between the clicks.
  • Text only ads available, which means new ads can be rolled out and tested very quickly, without relying on a graphic designer. The standard amount of advertising space for a text ad is smaller than required for banner / display ads and costs less. So you can get your ads into smaller spaces.
  • Excellent and extensive set of free banner ad templates suitable for all sorts of industries. Type in your text, load an image and you’re done. Again, great for quick rollout and testing new ad concepts.
  • If you’re already using Google Adwords, it’s a relatively small step to set up Remarketing.


  • Not ideal for low volume flyer distributions unless you’re already getting decent web traffic from other sources. You need a minimum of 100 on your remarketing list before ads start to display. If you’re relying on letterbox advertising alone to generate traffic and you have a low response rate of 1% (some campaigns don’t even manage this), you’d need to distribute at least 10,000 and to be on the safe side, 15,000. If this is an issue for you, consider AdRoll instead.
  • Configuring the ads to run correctly can be a bit daunting if you don’t know your way around the Google Adwords system.
  • No access to Facebook or sites that don’t participate in Google Display Network.


  • To get started you just need one or two ads
  • Can use Facebook ads to drive the audience to 3rd party websites
  • Facebook has enviable viral qualities. Users can, and do, share ads that appear in news feeds. When people like ads and news feed content, their friends see it too.
  • Facebook offers a unique proposition to advertisers. Users spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other site.


  • Ads only show on Facebook
  • The lifetime of new ads can be quite short if they don’t work straight away. Facebook gets very impatient with non performing ads and quickly stops them from displaying
  • The Facebook Advertising management system can be very time consuming. It’s relatively easy when it comes to get ads up and running, but hard to control and optimise delivery.
  • It can be hard to see through the hype in Facebook analytics data.


  • A much more comprehensive offering than either Facebook or Google.
  • Seamless ad delivery across Google Display Network, Facebook and other web properties.
  • AdRoll has sophisticated technology that assesses audience intent / receptiveness / mood. It serves ads when it figures the time is right.
  • Because the company focuses exclusively on Retargeting, the ad management console is easier to use if Retargeting is all you want to do.
  • AdRoll will design your first set of ads free.
  • Despite the higher advertising costs, it’s a good option for small businesses who can’t run to the expense of 10,000+ flyer distributions.


  • No minimum retargeting list size. No Pay Per Click option – so no free impressions. You pay per 1,000 impressions. (This is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • Despite the claims for 24 hour support, telephone support can be hard to get. You’ll most likely have to use email and wait 5+ hours for a response.
  • A bit more expensive than Google and Facebook. There’s a minimum budget of $25 per week for a small business.
  • Banner and Facebook format ads only. No text ad only option, so it takes longer and costs more to roll out new ads.
  • Unlike Google, no free templates available for creating your own ads.

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