Introducing Letterbox Retargeting

Use Printed Flyers To Quickly Build A Database Of Your Best Local Prospects In Any Suburb...

Then re-advertise to them again and again, for as little as $35 per week!

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Reach 57.6% of Your Local Population

That’s the percentage of Australians over the age of 16 who look at letterbox advertising every week!

When you need to reach local consumers nothing comes remotely close, not Facebook, not TV, Radio, Newspapers, nor any of Google’s advertising systems.

Letterbox advertising reigns supreme for local reach and penetration, which is why so many major retailers devote more than half their advertising budget to flyers.

Use Smart Tagging Technology to Identify, Track and Connect With Your Most Interested Prospects

Precise targeting is one of two gold standards for any advertising system.

With Letterbox Retargeting you transform your simple, printed flyers into a sophisticated digital tool for doing just that...finding and acquiring highly qualified local leads online.

smart tagging with letterbox retargeting
smart tagging with letterbox retargeting

Insanely Affordable Re-advertising All Over The Internet

The other gold standard in advertising is repetition

Now, for as little as $35 per week, you can set off cascades of online ads that display repeatedly to the tagged prospects who saw your flyer.

They’ll see your ads on popular ad carrying websites—wherever they go—often many times per day!

That includes popular sites like Facebook and Youtube, if you want.

Start Finding Your Best Local Prospects Now...

Choose from full installation, strategy and project management only and coaching packages. A free 15 minute discovery session will help you decide if Letterbox Retargeting is right for your business, and which package would best suit your needs.

Proven Track Record

This method of digital tagging and re-advertising is called Retargeting, or Remarketing.

Big brands and elite marketers love it because it’s astoundingly successful and has a proven track record

A study by Adobe’s CMO magazine, aimed at marketing professionals found that retargeting increases conversions by as much as 147%

Another study found that prospects are 10 times more likely to click on retargeting ads than ordinary ads.

Proven Track Record - Performance Chart

Some Cool Things You Can Do With Letterbox Retargeting


Repeating your ads over and over to your best prospects is a fast and surefire way raise your company profile.


Rapidly build your local following on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


This same system is also ideal for capturing phone numbers, email and postal addresses.


Distribute mobile coupons and build opt in SMS marketing databases.

Danger updates ahead

A Marketing System That Belongs To You — Not Some All-Powerful Tech Giant

A major complaint from businesses that invest in search or social media marketing is that search engines and social media companies frequently change the rules surrounding what publicity they give advertisers.

When you invest in a Letterbox Retargeting system you’re installing a lead-sourcing tool you control and that’s yours for keeps.

You’re taking a big step towards protecting your business from the threat of constantly changing algorithms that control and downgrade your visibility on search engines and social media sites.

Once you’ve set up your letterbox retargeting system, no single Internet company has the power to cut you off from your market.

Choose Our Team or Yours To Build and Install Your System

Whether you’d prefer to use my team or yours to create and install your Letterbox Retargeting system, the choice is yours.

Whatever your preference, I offer:

  • Full Installation Packages: From conception to a complete working system for generating local leads. Tailored to your business and customers LEARN MORE >
  • Strategy and Project Management: Get the blueprint for your custom lead generation system, a clear brief for your creative team and an expert to manage and check their work.
  • Coaching: Learn how to create your own local lead generation system and get expert mentoring and support as you go.
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