Digital Marketing

Ideas, Strategy, Planning and Execution

Can I do it all? Am I a one-stop digital marketing shop? No.

When you hire me to oversee a digital project I help you devise, plan and execute strategies that best suit your needs and budget. I draw on my own skills and recruit additional team members as required.

To your project I bring strong technical chops, creativity, experience, connections, a truckload of fresh ideas and a solid grasp of the digital landscape.

Do you already have a project in mind, or are you looking for ideas? Contact me today to find out how I can help. Preliminary consultations are free.

The Perfect Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital marketing is a multi-disciplinary field. A well rounded digital marketer's playbook spans at least 20 core disciplines these days. It's part art, science, diplomacy, therapy, PR and accountancy.

If you're looking for the perfect digital marketer, then you want someone who's master in all of those disciplines. Good luck with that!

I certainly don't claim mastery of them all. But I have mastered a handful of the most important disciplines. Over the years, I've also built up a good working knowledge of the rest.

That's important because it means I can draft accurate briefs, keep work on track and manage costs. It also means I have the necessary experience to tell good work from bad.

In many cases I'll be able to call on freelancers I already know and trust. Where not, I have the necessary experience to recognise a skilled practitioner when I see one.

Are you looking for ideas and help with a digital marketing project? Do you prefer light and flexible to the heavy overheads of a digital agency with account reps and creative directors? Contact me today to see how I can help. Preliminary consultations are free.